From binary package

Installation is made as easy as can be, just download and unzip the files to your bin folder, and now you can add the Clock portlet with the Remote Controller.
If you wan't to use the Digital Clock, you have to upload the images to "/Root/System/Plugins/Portlets/Clock/Digits" in the zip package under the Digits folder with the ContentExplorer. Or you can use your own pictures!
Please read configuration section for further settings.
Note that the binary package was compiled with Sense/Net 6 Beta4.3, and may not compatible with any versions.

From Source code

Download, unzip and open the solution in Visual Studio 2008. You may have to correct the references to the Sense/Net assemblies, than set the Build Output path to your Sense/Net installation bin folder. Now you can build the ClockPortlet, and add your new Clock with the Remote Controller.
Note: to open the silverlight project you'll need Visual Studion 2008 with SP1 and Silverlight 3 SDK installed.

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