Basic Configuration

1. Set the page into Edit mode using your Remote Controller:


2. Click on the arrow button at the top right corner, and select Edit:


3. Here in the opened window you can set up a lots of thing, 3 of then is associated with the clock:

  1. Time Zone : The portlet calculates the time for your clock in the timezone you select.
  2. Clock Type: This is the most important part of the settings. Here can you select which type of clock you would like to displayed. By default there are 4 types:
    1. PlainText Clock : a simple clock, shows the time with plain text numbers. The format is editable.
    2. Digital clock: uses pictures to display the clock. You can select the pictures.
    3. Binary Clock: this is my favourite one, displays a binary clock :) You can set it to led style.
    4. HandClock: This is a Silverlight powered clock
  3. Custom Css Class : You can add a class to your clock to apply the style you want.

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